Bookbub Insights: Launch a New Book that’s Part of a Series

Such a helpful post from Nicholas Rossis….again.
I’ve left it a bit late with some of the things I should have been doing to let folks know that the second book in my Reluctant Detective Series is about to be launched, but perhaps I can do a bit of catchup.
I’ll start right now by telling you that Traces of Red is about to be released. So look out for some of the things mentioned in this post to start happenings!
This is so helpful to those of us who love to write and are less clued in about the whole promotion and marketing business.
Thank you once again, Nicholas, for bringing this information to us.

Nicholas C. Rossis

From the blog of Nicholas C. Rossis, author of science fiction, the Pearseus epic fantasy series and children's booksContinuing my Bookbub-inspired series of book marketing posts, I will now address the question of promoting a new book that’s part of a series.

Series novels let you reach new readers who still haven’t discovered your books yet. Hook readers on one book, and chances are they’ll be begging for more. But how do you find new readers in the first place?

Cheryl Bradshaw has the answer, courtesy of Bookbub.

One to Two Months Prior to Release

1. Redesign platform elements. A couple of months before your book release, kick things off by posting a new banner on your Facebook page, blog, and other relevant sites. It should include the book cover reveal, the release date (if known), and language such as “coming soon” so readers know to stay tuned.

2. Hint about the upcoming release. Whenever you can, sneak in comments on your blog and  pages about the book and how the…

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