Music In My Heart

Music In My Heart


There’s music in my heart

Can you hear it?

If I share it now with you

Can you bear it?


If I forget the words

Can you sing it?

When I lose the will to live

Will you bring it?


The pain is cutting deep

Can you feel it?

If I bring it for your kiss

Will you heal it?


There’s music in my heart

Can you hear it?

It’s singing out to you

Can you wear it?


Christine Campbell



4 thoughts on “Music In My Heart”

    1. Annette, this is a poem I wrote a while back. Are you telling me you sing one like it? Or is there a song the same or similar?
      It’s lovely that you sing to your hubby. I know you write songs – do you write music and lyrics and do you sing them to him?
      I hadn’t heard the Allan Jackson one before, but just listened to it on YouTube. It’s lovely.


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