The Tay, The Tay, The Silvery Tay


Some writer-friends and I formed a Writer’ Club, called PenPals. We met fairly regularly to talk about writing, share what we’d been writing, and set ourselves writing exercises. It was always fun. We’ve let it slide a bit, but have plans to get PenPals up and running again.

One weekend, some years ago, four of us rented a flat for a few days and treated ourselves to a weekend away from everyday chores and responsibilities. We set ourselves various challenges and exercises. One of them, a timed exercise on the last day, was to write a poem or a small piece of prose in praise of the location and the great weekend we had enjoyed.

I don’t recall how long we allowed ourselves, but here is my effort. Remember, it was just for fun!



The Tay, The Tay, The Silvery Tay


The Tay, the Tay, the silvery Tay

Dressed in your best, looking good today

Mirrored surface reflecting trees

That serve as home to birds and bees


Green the grass and blue the sky

I look at you and wonder why

Why you meander, seldom rush

Water the land without a fuss


While here we are, along the way

Walking beside you, silvery Tay

Knowing tomorrow, a different day

For our leisure we’ll have to pay


We’ll be so busy catching up

Rushing about like a silly pup

Barking at others. Surely not!

After the pleasures that we got


A weekend away from the stresses and strain

Look at the benefits that we gain

Laughing and crying, talking and such

We’ve enjoyed it so very much


Planning and writing, our laptops busy

It’s enough to make your head feel dizzy

Glad to be here this good, fine day

Beside the waters of the silvery Tay


Christine Campbell




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