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Often, when my grandchildren visit, we enjoy crafting sessions together. Sometimes, during these sessions, we make cards. The next couple of photos are cards my grandson, Lucas, has made. They are his own original designs and the only input I have in them is to provide the materials and encouragement.

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Similarly, my granddaughter, Cassie, designed and made the next two cards.

image           image

And here are a few more I made.

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16 thoughts on “Cards”

  1. Thank you, Lucas. I have added a couple of yours, as you can see, because I think you are already as good at making cards as I am. I have copied the design of the black one several times in different colour combinations. xxx


  2. maybe i could bring some more of my cards up to your house another day and well done on all your hit i can also see you enjoy writing


  3. Hello from Canada💞. I am a paper crafted as well and I appreciate all the work I see here, it is lovely! Lucas and Cassie, good work🤗. When my granddaughter gets a bit older we will be crafting together ( she is 11 days old right now) and I will tell her about my friends in Scotland, and share your work with her❤️.


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