In May 2008 I started writing a blog for my children. It chronicled the cycling trip my husband made from John o’Groats in the North of Scotland to Land’s End in the South of England.

It was an epic trip and we enjoyed it so much I thought perhaps you might too.

It’s quite a privilege to play a part in someone else’s dream.

Since taking up cycling eighteen months or so before, Gus had been setting himself bigger and better goals. It’s the way he works.

If something’s worth doing…

Gradually, the dream evolved. First, it was to cycle ‘The Two Bridges’, across The Forth Road Bridge along the coast to Kincardine Bridge, across that and back along the opposite side of the river. This, Gus soon achieved, both alone and with our son, Andy, on another occasion.

Then, to cycle to Greenock and back the following day, 75 miles each way, having stayed the night with his Mum.

Longest run in one day: Muthill and back, to visit Elizabeth, our daughter, a run of 86 miles!!! That may not sound much to some of you who’ve cycled all over France, but a lot to those of us who can barely manage to the end of the road!

2007,  the dream was to cycle all the way up to Embo for the family holiday, a trip of some 200 miles or so, in four days. Keeping in mind that we were both over sixty when we did this trip and Gus had not long taken up cycling, we reckoned an average of fifty miles a day was realistic. Again, this was accomplished in style (If you don’t happen to know where Embo is, it’s near Dornoch. Not sure where Dornoch is?  You could always ask Madonna… or find Inverness on the map and keep your finger going north for another 50 miles or thereabout.)  The dream was realised and many lessons were learned by ‘Team Campbell’: things like the need to have a properly waterproofed jacket… and the need to keep closely in touch, especially when the weather is freezing cold and soaking wet.

All good lessons to have learnt before expanding the dream:

John o’Groats to Land’s End, the whole length of Scotland and England.

But, before all that…

It started as a means to get fitter and healthier after very pointed comment from me as to the need to. (Sorry, pal. Think I was a bit personal… and a bit blunt!) It became an adventure, and, with typical generosity, Gus forgave my frankness and invited me to share it.

Since all our family had been so supportive, we decided to let them share too… by means of this blog, by popular demand, as well as the various ways they’d already found to be involved.

Unfortunately for you, it’s mostly going to be written from my perspective, which is not necessarily the most interesting one!

Gus hopes to add a bit here and there to tell you how it was for him and, hopefully, the photos’ll help you get the sense of the whole thing. So…. If you can bear with me… here we go…

I shall post the day by day account under ‘Cycling’  on the menu bar, one day at a time, with photographs and more or less as I wrote it.

I hope you enjoy the trip.

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