Meeting Mhairi

 In a previous post, I introduced you to Caitlin and Matt, two of the main characters in the contemporary strand of my latest release, A Mountain of Memories, which is available as an ebook here and as a paperback here.

Woven through the contemporary story there is a historic thread, and in the video below, I introduce you to Mhairi, the main character of that strand.

If you want to see more about the characters or the story, I regularly post that sort of information about all my novels in my FaceBook group: Lifting The Lid off Christine’s Kist of Stories

All of my novels are available as ebooks here and as paperbacks here

A Mountain of Memories

A childhood trip from Edinburgh to explore Caitlin’s family’s history results in tragedy on a mountainside above the village of Kinlochleven, a tragedy so traumatic it was wiped from her memory. As an adult she is still affected by the events that took place there.

Over a century earlier, Caitlin’s great-great grandmother, Mhairi, watches the village of Kinlochleven being born, suffering through its birth pangs.

Caitlin and Mhairi’s lives are linked by their common heritage, and as their stories become intertwined, Caitlin is drawn back to the question that has haunted her for eleven years.

What really happened on that mountainside?

What one reader says about the historic strand of the novel:

“I loved getting to know Mhairi when I first read A Mountain of Memories to myself. Her life is undoubtedly harsh, and she carries within her an innocence, a strength, and a romantic heart too. There’s a lyrical quality to your writing, which your narration enhances, and so this reading brings Mhairi even more vividly to life for me.”

Introducing Mhairi:

Things That go Ping in the Night

I was lying awake again, sleep playing hide and seek, when I heard that friendly ‘ping’ that means there is incoming mail on my iPad. It’s one of the things I love about blogging and the blogging community: pings in the night. While I should be sleeping, others are writing. Cyber space rocks. It just does. Messages pinging about from one side of the world to the other. If they could be lit up like laser beams we would surely see the world enmeshed in the most amazing Satsuma net ever.

Smiling to myself at the image, I reached for my iPad & checked the latest ping to have arrived by my bedside from thousands of miles away, crossing oceans and arching over forests to reach me within moments of starting its journey. My smile widened when I read the message because it contained a link to a book reviewer’s blog and a review of one of my novels and, if you care to follow it, you’ll see why my sleep, when it comes, will be sweet 🙂

Here’s the link:


It’s good you could visit.

I’m new to blogging, so I do hope you’ll bear with me while I learn.

My aim is to fill the pages with interesting things about writing, reading, crafting, people and life…but it’ll take a while, so do look back from time to time to see how I’m doing.

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