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Looking for a book to take to the beach? To read on the plane? Or to cosy on the couch with? Do you prefer a paperback copy? Something you can see in the sunshine, something that feels good in your hands?

Well, Gold Plated is now available in both paperback and ebook format. And according to the early readers of the ebook, it’s a great read. Perfect for summer or winter reading, whichever way you prefer to read.

 Rosanna and Paul are celebrating fifty years of marriage. Their daughter, Heather, has helped plan their Golden Wedding Anniversary party, and it looks like being a wonderful night: sixties music, friends and family present, and Rosanna has bought the perfect golden gift for Paul. What could possibly go wrong?

When an uninvited guest shows up, Rosanna’s world is shaken and she is forced to look back over their fifty golden years and see them as they were.

Were they golden? Or just gold-plated?

Is this the kind of book you’re looking for? A love story that spans five decades, but is under threat and may not survive any longer. One with this sort of recommendation? —

“An excellent story.”

“I was hooked from the first line.”

“I started reading Gold Plated at this at 7 am this morning. And finished it late this evening. First book I’ve read from beginning to end in a single day in quite some time. I simply had to devour it!!! Thank you for an exquisitely entertaining read! A beautiful treatment of love, betrayal, and resolve where self-love triumphs ultimately.”

“Loved it! What an enjoyable read!”

“Through life’s ups and downs this story was very enjoyable to read. I loved the different settings and how clearly I could see them along with the characters from the descriptive writing. Gold Plated is a perfect title and this book took me on a lovely journey into Rosanna’s life which is inspirational… I believe it’s never too late to start again, I will also now think differently when I hear something is gold plated. I highly recommend this to anyone wanting a good read.”

“I have just finished reading Gold Plated, and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

N.B. If, when you go to Amazon, you read that this book is ‘out of stock’, don’t worry. It’s never ‘in stock’. Amazon don’t ever store a stock of POD books. They are what the acronym indicates. They are Printed On Demand. So do go ahead and order the book. It shouldn’t take long to pop through your letterbox.

It is also possible to order Gold Plated through Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, FeedaRead or any good bookstore.



Gold Plated


We were walking on the beach in Embo in the North of Scotland, September 2016.

Often, walking together is a great time to chat, sharing thoughts and dreams, decisions and schemes, but today we were silent. There was a heavy mist on the North Sea and the horizon was hiding, taking our words with it. There was something about the haar: it silenced birds, the wind, the whisper of long grass as well as our words – but it couldn’t silence the continuous rolling waves as they broke onto the beach – and it couldn’t silence our thoughts.

Often, thoughts would tumble out of our silence and we would share them. There was no reason not to today – yet we didn’t. We were enjoying a world shrouded in a soft, white veil, from which rays of sunshine struggled to break free while the sea, ruthless, relentless, ripped through to crash on the shore.

I didn’t ask what my lovely hubby was thinking, but concentrated on the story that was forming in my mind.

We were here on vacation with our family and there, set like a pearl in the middle of the two weeks, was our anniversary. Forty-nine years of married bliss.

But that’s never true, is it?

No-one is perfect, so no two imperfect people can forge a perfect marriage – not even us. We’d had ups and downs – never ins and outs – and some years were better than others – but we’d never not wanted to be married to one another.

Our children asked how we wanted to celebrate our 50 years of marriage next year, our Golden Wedding Anniversary.

I got to thinking about it. What did we want? What would we do? What were the children plotting? We told them, ‘Nothing much. Nothing expensive, no silly gold ornaments that we don’t need, golden gifts that we’ll never use. It would be nice just to be together.’

The conversation still swirled in my mind as my husband and I walked in our misty, magical silence. 

Then, in a sudden rush of gold, the sun won the struggle to light the world, compelling us to pause to take a few photographs.

I stood at the water’s edge.


Wave after wave of water rolling in, breaking with cold white froth over the landscape of the beach – year after year of life rolling in, breaking with warm love over the landscape of our marriage.

But what if?

What if it had been different?

So I wrote a story about a love that spanned more than fifty years.

Or did it?

Rosanna and Paul are celebrating fifty years of marriage.

Their daughter, Heather, has helped plan their Golden Wedding Anniversary party, and it looks like being a wonderful night: sixties music, all their friends and family present, and Rosanna has bought the perfect golden gift for Paul. What could possibly go wrong?

When an uninvited guest shows up, Rosanna’s world is shaken and she is forced to look back over their fifty golden years and see them as they were.

Were they golden? Or just gold-plated?


Gold Plated is with the publisher now so the paperback should be launched soon. Meantime, it’s already available on Amazon Kindle.

Excuse Me! Do I Know You?

IMG_1697 Sketch courtesy of Michelle Campbell

Have you ever had that experience where someone starts chatting to you as though they are your best friend and you really are not that sure where and when you met them? In fact, you’re not that sure you ever did meet them.


You listen politely for a while

Mind whirring behind your smile

Do I know you, friend or foe?

Can I trust you? I don’t know

You seem to know me very well

I’m getting old now, you can tell

My memory is failing,

My eyesight too

But if you know me that well

I’d surely know you too.


The definition of a friend is ‘A person known well to another and regarded with liking, affection and loyalty.’

With that in mind, I was giving some thought to our Facebook ‘Friends’, and those we think of as ‘friends’ in other social media circles. How well do we know them? Do we like them? Regard them with affection and loyalty? Now, that’s a hard one, isn’t it?

I feel I have made loads of new friends all over the world. Some of them I do regard with great affection, I really like them and I do actually feel loyalty towards them. But I could hardly say I ‘know’ them, could I?

I’ve never met them. They’ve never met me.

How honestly do we portray ourselves?

Did you know I can be incredibly irritating? I’m sometimes miserable as sin? I can get very tetchy when irritated myself?

Of course you didn’t know that. Why on earth would I tell you things like that? I want you to like me, for goodness sake.

So, why would we assume we ‘know’ our cyber ‘friends’?

Have you ever accidentally deeply offended someone you think of as a friend? Made that assumption: thought you knew them? Their blog posts and comments seemed to reveal their personality so clearly that you honestly thought you knew them and you said something, gave an honest opinion and the other party was hurt and offended. You wish you could take it back. Wish you’d smiled and said nothing. Kept your opinions to yourself.

The simple thing is to shrug and say, ‘Ah well, you have to be thick-skinned in this business. It isn’t my fault he/she is too sensitive.’ But, that’s not the way of friendship, is it? Remember? Loyalty, liking, affection? Where do they come in?

If we really want our cyber friends to be real friends, we must treat them with respect and affection as far as we are able, given the unreal circumstances. We can try to get to know them, warts and all. We can let them get to know the real us, warts and all. And we can try to be understanding and treat them with care and sensitivity. Otherwise, we shall lose them, lose their friendship, and, who knows, perhaps they could have become ‘real’ friends somewhere along the online.


Making it Home


Making It Home

THE book cover

Kate had a home, but her heart wasn’t in it…or in her marriage.

So she left them both.

Phillis had a home…and her heart was in it…but she wanted something more.

So she shopped.

Naomi had no home and her heart was in cold storage, frozen by grief and fear.

So she shopped.

They found one another in a department store.


The problem with ‘retail therapy’: you can overdose.

As friendship grows between these three women, they help one another face up to their problems, realising along the way, that every heart needs a home and it takes more than a house to make one.

A contemporary novel about women who want more.

Buying links: paperback or Kindle 


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