Can You Hear The Music? Look! I’m Dancing!

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche
Look everyone! I’m dancing!
It’s here!
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You can buy it on Amazon Kindle everywhere Amazon has a presence.
The paperback will be launched in a few weeks, but I couldn’t bear to hold back the ebook any longer.
At last,
And its music makes me want to dance.
Tom’s Music

Bellini’s Oboe Concerto.

At first it was gliding… slowly, luxuriously… floating on the warm current of air that was the melody. It was all around her, lifting her gently, tumbling her softly in its caress. When she closed her eyes, she could look down from her lazy cloud and see Tom as she had seen him only a few short hours ago, sitting on a park bench, his long legs stretched out, his face turned to the sun, totally relaxed, contentedly waiting. The gentle warmth of the sun, it was soothing, so soothing. She was there beside him, relaxed, waiting. Like the music. She held her breath as it seemed to hover, watching, watching Tom open his eyes, the radiance of his welcoming smile.

He was off the bench and the music started to soar, taking her with it, making her laugh with sheer delight, catching her breath with its joyousness, its love of life. It made her want to dance, to spin round the room the way Tom had spun her as a teenager when he was teaching her and Rosie how to dance, the way he had spun her round in the park at lunchtime. Like this glorious music, Tom had spun her off-balance. She was intoxicated, drunk with its wine.

This was Tom’s music. It echoed his energy, his impulsive, spontaneous passion for life. She would never hear it again without thinking of him, without remembering their crazy, heady “flight” through Princes Street Gardens and all the way to London.

Elgar and Britten might have written their pieces for Jayne, for the tragedy of her past, but Bellini’s Oboe Concerto, this joyous romp, was Tom’s and she loved it. “Let go,” it seemed to echo. “Let go and love.” Yes, she could let go. She could let the past stay locked away. She could fly free with this music. She could fly free with Tom.


Bellini Oboe Concerto in E flat Major


There are more musical moments in the book, but I’ll let you find them for yourself. I may post links to them at a later date, but, in the meantime, I do hope these excerpts and links have given you a good taster of Flying Free. Enough of a taster, I hope, that you might fancy reading the book.



The novel.

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Later addition – now available as a paperback too 🙂

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