Author Interview with Christine Campbell


Fellow author, interviewer and blogger, Dyane Forde interviewed me. She was very kind to me and her questions were interesting and helped me write about myself, which is actually quite a difficult thing to do. If you are a writer, you’ll perhaps know what I mean. I never know what to say in my submission letters or the profiles we are encouraged to post on Google, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and anywhere else we join.

Anyway, I did my best to let you know me.


You can read the interview here:

Author Interview with Christine Campbell.

If you haven’t met me yet, or if you don’t know me well, I hope you enjoy getting to know me better.

I’d love to hear from you so that I can get to know you too, so please tell me a little about yourself in any comments you care to leave.


I have continued to write novels since this interview, and they are all available as paperbacks or on kindle

So You Want to be a Writer!


So you want to be a writer
You want to write a book
Some basic things are needed
She said, ‘This is what it took…

It took plotting, it took planning
Story arcs and story boards
Creating characters and people
Painting pictures with good words

It took days of finding out stuff
In the library, on the ‘net
Checking facts and checking spelling
Finding all that I could get.

It took lots of happy daydreams
Going where my story goes
Tasting words and testing phrases
Skimping nothing, case it shows.

It took hours of dedication
Writing when my back was sore
Editing and checking
And editing some more.

Most of all, then, it took courage
Showing others what you’ve written
Hearing good and bad about it
And hoping they’ll be smitten.

So, if you want to be a writer,
You want to write a book
Enjoy the crazy journey
It’s just as easy as it looks.’

Christine Campbell


All Christine’s novels can be found here for kindle or here for paperback

Making It Home by Christine Campbell

Here are some of the things other people are saying about my book,

Making it Home.


First of all, Megan, of ReadingInTheSunshine

I want to talk about the cover first – I really like it! It’s a very simple cover, an everyday scene that you might regularly see on a journey home in the evening. But that is what makes it such a brilliant cover – it is familiar, it is comforting, and personally, it made me smile, thinking of all the journeys I’d done with a beautiful sky like that.

In Making It Home, we meet three women, who are all different but find a friendship in each other. They also find they have one thing in common: they want more from life. Can Kate, Phyllis and Naomi be happy with the life they have? Or can they find the courage to reach out for something more?

I really liked this book! One of the things I liked most about Making It Home is that Christine has created three women who could be our best friend, neighbour, aunt and so on. The characters aren’t perfect women with flawless make up and rich husbands, instead they are real, true-to life women that all of the ladies out there will be able to relate to, and that is what makes this story so compelling to read! Personally I love when an author writes about real women, about the struggles and problems that real women may face everyday, and creates realistic scenarios that could be exactly like what the readers could be going through. I am certain readers will be able to relate to Kate, Phyllis and Naomi in some way, whether it is their personalities, their individual situations or the friendship that these characters have with each other.

The characters were very well-drawn and written, I loved the friendship and the bond that the three women created with each other, ad I enjoyed reading and watching this friendship grow throughout the book. I was hooked to the characters individual stories and set of circumstances, I desperately wanted to know how they would progress and on many occasions I was cheering them on from my seat! I liked all three of the main characters but my favourite was Kate.

The novel unfolds at a great pace and I thoroughly enjoyed being able to read this. Making It Home is an absorbing and compelling story about three women, the friendship they strike up, the journey to discover meaning in their life, and knowing that support, love and friendship can be found when you least expect it!


Such a lovely day today, in blustery, wet Scotland.
Usually, it is the view from my bedroom window that brightens my day. Today, a different ‘view’… A review!
Thank you, Megan, of ReadingInTheSunshine.


Just checked my reviews on for the first time…hadn’t thought to do that before. Duh! The .uk ones come up automatically. Lovely surprise. Two great reviews:

5.0 out of 5 stars I Keep Thinking About This Book! 1 April 2013
By Lucinda Sutherland – Published on
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
In this book we meet Kate, who has a fairly normal life, but it is slowly unwinding like an old clock and she is beginning to realize that it is time for a decision about what kind of life she truly wants. Phyllis, an older woman who befriends Kate, helps open Kate’s eyes to how much she has been sleep-walking through her life. They both recognize that Naomi needs their help but they can’t quite work out how to offer that help or what all it will entail.So far it could be any politically correct book on the “women’s literature” market – but this book rises above that. The characters deepen and when men come into the story they start out almost as caricatures and then find their own realism as the women in the book begin to see them as real people with real thoughts and ideas. The people in this book stay with the reader and seem to grow even after the book concludes. It is a gentle read that sinks into your mind and soul and gently helps you change your assumptions about others.I am really impressed with this author and with this novel. I recommend it to anyone who isn’t looking for a cookie-cutter story-line. “Making it Home” doesn’t come at you with a message or a sermon; it simply shares the lives of the people in it and lets you decide for yourself. This book gives me the same peaceful experience I found reading D.E. Stevenson’s work – but updated for modern times.
5.0 out of 5 stars Captivating Novel! 18 Mar 2013
By Dr. Johnson C. Philip – Published on
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
This is a contemporary novel that is of a genre different from what I usually read. Thus I read it for a change and was pleased at the way the plot unfolds.It is the story of three women: Kate who had a home but whose heart was not in it, Phyllis who wanted something more than her home, and Naomi whose life was frozen by grief and fear. They meet each other by accident, become friends, and felt they should help each other. On the path of discovery that life is much more than what they think, the author develops the plot in a superbly captivating manner.I enjoyed reading this novel, and I am sure that you too will enjoy reading this novel, provided you are used to reading in this genre.
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