So You Want to be a Writer!


So you want to be a writer
You want to write a book
Some basic things are needed
She said, ‘This is what it took…

It took plotting, it took planning
Story arcs and story boards
Creating characters and people
Painting pictures with good words

It took days of finding out stuff
In the library, on the ‘net
Checking facts and checking spelling
Finding all that I could get.

It took lots of happy daydreams
Going where my story goes
Tasting words and testing phrases
Skimping nothing, case it shows.

It took hours of dedication
Writing when my back was sore
Editing and checking
And editing some more.

Most of all, then, it took courage
Showing others what you’ve written
Hearing good and bad about it
And hoping they’ll be smitten.

So, if you want to be a writer,
You want to write a book
Enjoy the crazy journey
It’s just as easy as it looks.’

Christine Campbell


All Christine’s novels can be found here for kindle or here for paperback