Is There a Writing Gene?

I’ve often wondered where I got my love of writing. My mother and my sister, my cousins and my aunts, none of them seem to have that particular passon. My mother and my sister read a lot, especially my sister. I remember when we were growing up, how hard it was to rouse her from a good story; she really did typify the saying, ‘lost in a book’. As far as I know, she’s still the same.

I loved reading too – and can still get lost in a good book – but I very quickly realised the stories I enjoyed reading had to be written by someone. Why not me? So, much as I loved reading, I loved writing my own stories even more, winning essay prizes at school and going on to write and publish short stories, and newspaper and magazine articles, before finally finding my true passion – writing novels, published on Amazon Kindle and as paperbacks.

One of my daughters has been helping me trace my family tree. Having not known my birth father until I traced him when I was nearly forty years old, I knew nothing of the paternal side of my family, and he didn’t share his family history with me before he died.

But now, suddenly, it all makes sense.

There were writers in my father’s family. His cousin was a published journalist who later edited an anthology of letters, published after her death. And her husband was a ‘bookman’ working in the book trade, owning a bookshop, publishing fiction and non-fiction. Their daughter has published books too, and is still writing and publishing.

What joy! If there is such a thing as a writing gene, I now know where mine came from. And, when I contacted my second cousin, Jessica Norrie, she generously shared her bountiful supply of family history, stories and anecdotes with me, and it seems the storytelling gene stretches back yet another generation because her grandmother, my Great-Aunt Ivy (after whom I was given my middle name) was an entertaining story-teller too.

Jessica Norrie, my second cousin, at a book signing for her debut novel,

The Infinity Pool


Check it out. See if you think there are any similarities in our writing style.


Quintet of Radiance Award



 What a lovely surprise to get such a great award. Thank you Michelle Stanley. A delightful lady who has just completed a very different A-Z — a story every day during the month of May, a different letter of the alphabet each day. Michelle’s theme was fairy stories. You should check out her A-Z on her blog


The Rules for the Quintet of Radiance Award:

1. Display the badge in a post. (Done)

2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back – Thank you, Michelle.

3. Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or phase. (See below)

4. Nominate a few bloggers. (See further below)


The A to Z about me:


Brave: Well, I can deal with the occasional spider, if it’s not too big.

Calm…and cuddly, according to my grandchildren.


Eccentric…or certainly aiming to be.


Generous…and gorgeous, according to my husband. (blush, blush!)


Imaginative…well, I’m a writer! What would you expect?

Jokey: I love teasing and enjoy a good, clean joke, though I’m useless at telling them.

Kind: I rescue puppies…or I would if I saw one needing rescued.

Laid-back: my days of getting anxious about things have passed.

Mother to five children, six pheasants and two doves 🙂

Noisy: I like to sing as I work.

Observant: I like to people-watch.

Passionate about SO many things.

Quirky: well, who would want to be ‘ordinary?’

Resiliant: I have had to be, having had a life-time of health problems.

Sincere and supportive…and rather on the small side!

Trustworthy: I can keep a secret and always keep a confidence.


Versatile: I can write on my iPad and my laptop.

Whimsical and rather silly, I suppose.

X-traordinarily well-blessed in my life.

Young at heart: in my heart, I’m only twenty-six. My birth certificate disagrees.

Zealous for Truth and Justice

So there you have it, my A to Z as I see myself. I wonder what my family and friends would say about this list. Perhaps we’d best not ask 🙂


Now for the nominations:

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