Delightful post about etiquette.

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Mention etiquette, and many people roll their eyes. They picture some stuffy old woman sniffing her nose at someone using the wrong fork. But that’s not what etiquette is at all. I’m a fan of Awesome Etiquette, the podcast by The Emily Post Institute. It’s hosted by the great-grandchildren of Emily Post. They point out that the watchwords of etiquette are consideration, respect, and honesty. It’s about engaging the world in a way that is helpful to you and those around you. The “rules” of etiquette change over time, but the basics remain the same.

They had a question recently about RSVPs. It’s not unusual for them to get questions about RSVPing. Since my main job involves parties, I’m familiar with the problems of RSVPs. I’ve heard people say that they thought RSVP meant to call if they were coming. I’ve heard people say that they thought it meant…

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