Writing: What’s in it for me?

Let me introduce you to Anne Stormont, fellow Scot, author and storyteller.
Here is how she describes herself:
“I’m part subversive old bat and part kind-hearted grandma. I write novels for the thinking, mature woman. And I also write for children, as Anne McAlpine.”
You’ll find Anne here: https://putitinwriting.me/
I reblogged this article because I relate to it so well. Like Anne, I find I am constantly surprised and delighted by what I find out about my characters as I develop them and about life in general as I tell their story.
But I’ll let Anne tell you all about it. She puts it so well.
Over to you, Anne.

Put it in Writing


It’s a journey and I never know quite where I’m going to end up

For me, for my life in general, writing has always been a problem-solving kind of activity. If I’ve anything on my mind I always find writing it down helps.

It could be something as simple as a to-do list. I do like lists. I make lists about lists and my desk has been called ‘post-it’ city.

If there’s something I need to think through or work out a plan of attack for, then a mind-map or a set of bullet points put down on paper is the way to go. If something is making me anxious, going round and round in my head and is threatening to prevent me from sleeping then simply jotting it down in my bedside notebook, to be attended to in the morning, is enough to allow me to drop off.


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