Coffee with Barb & Wendy Janes: changing hats #SundayBlogShare

Love the idea of basing a regular blogpost on hats – either literal, literary or metaphorically.
What fun!
Today on Barb Taub’s blog, she has asked Wendy Janes along as her guest to talk about the different ‘hats’ she has worn and is currently wearing.
And, if you think I’m posting a lot about Wendy Janes these days, hold on to your own hat, I’m hoping to interview Wendy myself in a few days time. That’s what happens when a debut novel is as well received as ‘What Jennifer Knows’. Everyone wants to try on the author’s hat đź‘’

Barb Taub

Who shall I wear my hat at today?

coffee with Barb

I think it was easier in the old days. A woman’s hat announced to the world—or at least to the eagle eyes of her fellow women, which really was the same thing—just who and what she was. Change the hat; change the woman.

“Hats divide generally into three classes: offensive hats, defensive hats, and shrapnel” — Katharine Whitehorn

unnamed-1I have recently acquired a new hat of such ferocity that it has been running my whole life for me. I wake up in the morning thinking who shall I wear my hat at today? – Katherine Whitehorn

They say that in seven years, every cell of our skeleton has replaced itself. (Stanford Medicine). How often have you reinvented yourself, changed hats as it were? Today’s guest, Wendy Janes, has been thinking about this.

On such a cold winter morning, please grab a…

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