How to write a review request

This is an interesting and informative post from fellow author and blogger, D.E. Haggerty, talking about writing review requests.
While all authors are grateful for any book reviews that come their way, it is often the case that they have to ask for them. In an ideal world, every reader would offer a review, but in this world that doesn’t happen, yet a few decent reviews give an author’s ranking such a boost. So what’s an author to do? Well, he or she can ask nicely if an avid reader would be interested in reading and reviewing his/her book. And this is where D.E. Haggerty tells us what ‘nicely’ means.

D.E. Haggerty

As a book blogger, I get plenty of requests to review books. Sometimes I’m so turned off by the email requesting the review that I don’t even bother to finish reading it before firing off my ‘thanks but no thanks’ reply. On a few occasions, I didn’t even bother replying (even though that made me feel guilty after the fact). Writing the perfect review request takes time and effort. Following a few, simple rules will make the task that much easier.

  1. Let me know I’m special. If I’m sent a request in which I’m obviously just one of hundreds (in a bcc no less!), I’m not going to feel particularly bothered to read the email, let alone the book. At least know my name! I’ve gotten several emails addressed to the wrong person. I don’t bother to respond to those. I understand that it’s sometimes difficult to find the…

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    Dec 01, 2015 @ 06:54:46

    Thanks for re-blogging and your lovely comments about the blog.

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