Susan Toy Turns Two!

Another example of the congratulations and expressions of gratitude for Susan To’s tireless efforts to support her fellow aythors for the past two years on her Reading Recommendations blog. There are many more over on The Facebook page set up to celebrate the second anniversary of the blog.
Once again, Congratulations, Susan and thank you for all that you do.

The Gift Legacy

Well … maybe not Susan herself, but her Reading Recommendations site is celebrating two fabulous years!

One of a writer’s most difficult jobs comes after the writing is done. It doesn’t seem to matter which publishing path you choose, discoverability is the next step, and it’s a tough slog.

When I was new to the publishing world, I floundered around the Internet looking for information on how to get the word out about my book and find readers. It seemed an insurmountable task, and as a newbie, sorting the wheat from the chaff proved taxing on my time and my sanity.

Susan_Toy Susan Toy

Happily, I stumbled upon Susan Toy and her Reading Recommendations site. It was such a refreshing change to the naysaying negativity that can run rampant on the Internet. Here I found a woman with a long history in the publishing industry, and a writer herself, making the…

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