Daisy’s Dilemma

My guest today is Author and Playwright, Anne Stenhouse, who I met when I attended The Edinburgh Writers’ Club a number of years ago.



Christine, thank you so much for inviting me to appear on your lovely blog. I’m honoured.

My pleasure, Anne. Can you tell us where you originally come from and where you live now?
I was born in Pumpherston, in West Lothian, Scotland, and I’ve migrated to Edinburgh. Pumpherston was an industrial village although it was surrounded by farmland and, on a semi-circular loop, agricultural holdings. We could walk out and pass fields of cows, a piggery and a mink farm. I remember very clearly how some of my class had to walk through disinfectant to come to school when there was an outbreak of Foot and Mouth disease. I came to Edinburgh as a university student and, apart from two training courses in London, I haven’t left. It was a leafy semi-magical place thirty-five years ago. You can still find some of that magic today, but it’s harder as the gap sites have been built on.

A bit about yourself? Including something that might surprise us …

I’ve swum in the sea around Stromboli which, some of you will know, is an active volcano. It was still pretty cold in the water.

100_5738I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a lot of foreign travelling. Most recently I was in India on the Hoogli and in Rajhastan. India is endlessly interesting to any foreign visitor – probably to the Indian visitor as well – because it is vast and populous and so much of life happens on the street in front of you. In addition, it has a long history of superb building. Here’s me at the Taj Mahal. Actually my favourite building in Agra is the Red Fort. Exquisite.

… something you are proud of about yourself …

I stuck with my playwriting long enough to have a couple performed on the main stage at St Andrews’ Byre Theatre. Great moments. Playwriting is my favourite form of writing, but it is so hard to make headway. Once you write the play, it needs a director and actors to bring it to life and an audience to appreciate it. I found eventually that struggling for funding was becoming too much of that equation. So, if any of you want to read a script suitable for the SCDA one act Festivals, get in touch.

… something you’re working on about yourself (and I’m not talking about your WIP)

Getting the hairstyle right. Growing older does so many unexpected things to one’s body and appearance. This is only slightly a flippant answer. We all, if we’re lucky, get older and the things we couldn’t understand about our parents suddenly become all too personal. So, I’m working very hard on accepting invitations I might once have dismissed as being not for me, like ten-pin bowling. Actually, I like ten-pin bowling. Have still to get a strike – if that’s the correct term. I’m working quite hard on not correcting people’s grammar – that’s tough. Since my husband retired, I’m working a lot on not being as untidy as I was. (He may not have noticed this, but I did clear out two folders of redundant paper while he was away recently. Two – I may need to try harder there.) So I suppose, I’m trying to keep changing for the better.

… and what you’re working on (now I am talking about your WIP)

Daisys Dilemmal 333x500
Daisy’s Dilemma is my latest release, June from MuseItUp, and it’s an historical romance.
I take that well known expression, Be careful what you ask for, and weave a tale around that. Daisy Longreach has pursued a particular man since her first steps outside the schoolroom, but – is what she wants, what she needs?
Lady Daisy appears in my debut novel, Mariah’s Marriage, and she’s a sparky younger sister character there. I could hear her voice (the playwriting impulse again) and had to write her story.
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Daisy’s Dilemma by Anne Stenhouse order from amazon http://goo.gl/iMFFVu
Daisy’s Dilemma amazon UK – US – AU – CA
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Readers may connect with Anne on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/annestenhouseauthor
Twitter @anne_stenhouse
Her blog: Novels Now http://www.annestenhousenovelist.wordpress.com

Daisy’s Dilemma by Anne Stenhouse order from amazon http://goo.gl/iMFFVu

Mariah’s Marriage by Anne Stenhouse.
http://goo.gl/4LWt1H Mariah’s Marriage UK
http://goo.gl/qoggiQ Mariah’s Marriage US
http://goo.gl/Eu23YN Mariah’s Marriage Au
http://goo.gl/n8e7Jt Mariah’s Marriage Canada

http://goo.gl/P3lmzk Bella’s Betrothal by Anne Stenhouse amazon UK
http://goo.gl/7mh8FI and US

Novels Now blog http://wp.me/31Isq


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