To Offer it Free or Not – Marketing Your Work

To offer my work for free or not…just what I’ve been wondering!

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Free BooksAs with everything to do with the art of writing, publishing and marketing books, there are different views on the worth of offering your books free.

Some will argue that you should not work for free.  And, in essence, that is what you are doing when you offer your books free.  You have spent countless hours writing, editing, perfecting, and polishing your writing.  You chose the perfect cover, formatted the book for eBook, and finally are rewarded with seeing your hard work available to the world.

Of course, you want some monetary gain from all that hard work.  Who wouldn’t?

But, unless you are already a well-known author, will the world even know you exist?  Will they (the readers) buy your book when you are an unknown quantity to them?  When there are so many badly written, badly edited, and just plain bad, stories out there, the reader needs…

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  1. loricarlson66
    Jun 25, 2015 @ 20:55:35

    if you get a chance, check out Andy Weir, the author of the book, The Martian… he began his career writing the chapters of that book and posting them free online, which led him to offer a free digital copy of the complete novel that led to a Kindle version for $.99 and then to a publisher and now a movie deal! He is an amazing man with a great story to tell! You can find interviews of him on YouTube.

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