(at) eleven with susan toy: island in the clouds

Love this interview with the author, Susan Toy. Susan is great at promoting other authors. It’s nice to see someone promoting her.

Matilda Magtree

I met Susan Toy through the Humber School for Writers online program some years ago. The first thing I learned about her was that she was obsessed with food and books. I have since learned that cats are a close third. [They may well be first…]

The other quality that made her stand out was a need/desire/talent for sharing information. I used to call her our ‘clipping service’. [For readers of a younger vintage, I’ll clarify: clipping service = google alerts with scissors and newsprint.]

We connected for all of the above reasons but also because she lived on an island in the Caribbean. And so had I for a short while. We traded some ex-pat joys and commiserations in between commiserations about our works in progress.

Her WIP eventually became Island in the Clouds, a murder mystery set on the island of Bequia, which Susan has called home for close to twenty years…

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