Introduction to Positive Psychology by Shawn Anchor

Isn’t it great when you ‘learn’ something you already knew by another name? Personally, I’ve known for a very long time how important it is to focus on the positive. You probably have too.
If you get up every morning and let your mind click into all the difficulties in your life and in the day ahead, you’re likely to turn over and hit the snooze button.
If you wake up, stretch and take a moment to ‘count your blessings,’ you’re far more likely to swing your legs out of bed and go clean your teeth and get on with your day.
For each of us, it is a choice.
Make the positive choice each day and you start setting a pattern that can become a habit that can become what I’ve always known as positive thinking.
In this short, entertaining video, Shawnee Anchor calls it ‘positive psychology.’
A rose by another name.

Learning How To Be Happy

This is Shawn Anchor giving a great introduction to the aims of positive psychology and why it is so important to focus on being happy in the present, rather than setting goals that you believe will make you happy once you’ve achieved them.


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