9 Questions Before You Become A Blogging Statistic

Why do I blog?
Kirsten Nador has some thoughts on why people blog, why some keep blogging, and why some don’t.
So, why do I blog?
I love it!
I am passionate about writing, about life, about family and friends.
I love interacting with people.
I hope to help my readers find things of interest, things to make them think, things to entertain them, my books, oh, and did I mention my books?
And I hope they enjoy passing a few moments in my company from time to time.

kristin nador writes anywhere

'Blog', courtesy of cortege9, Wikimedia Commons ‘Blog’, courtesy of cortege9, Wikimedia Commons

Are you tired of blogging?

I am.

I know that’s sacrilege to admit on your own blog. The stress of moving, illness, and the fact I haven’t posted consistently has me questioning my commitment to blogging.

Am I really getting a return on investment of the time I put into blogging?

Shouldn’t I be focusing on ‘real’ writing?

My blogging journey started almost three years ago. I researched for three months before taking the plunge, thinking about my goals for my blog. I didn’t want to start something new and shiny, to later run out of steam. (I have a tendency to do that.)

I liked sharing and meeting new people. Researching and writing about creativity, blogging, and social media fascinated me. And I loved sharing my write anywhere adventures.

But lately blogging has felt like a burden, a deadline that looms over me…

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