Writing Process Blog Hop: My Writing Process

Another interesting stop for the Writing Process Blog Hop.


Welcome to my blog! I’m Kristin Nador, a writer whose taste for being published first showed its fangs in the seventh grade in Mrs. Canfield’s journalism class. My review of the television mini-series ‘Roots’ made it past all the hardened reporters of the eighth grade to be published in the Hixson Junior High newspaper. It also highlighted my future addiction to television and all things pop culture. When my contemporaries were requesting Atari games, Star Wars action figures and Saturday Night Fever soundtrack albums, I asked for a typewriter (and got one!).

I dabbled with writing short stories and bad love poetry in high school and college but life intervened and instead I found myself writing lists, checks, and lesson plans as a military wife and homeschool mother to three children. When I became an empty nester, I began to explore my passion for writing again. Since then I’ve had a story published in a national magazine and had two short stories and a poem win prizes in writing contests. I’m currently working on my debut historical fiction, a contemporary suspense novella, and a non-fiction book. I’m a member of Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. and the 2013 vice-president of Tulsa Night Writers.

kristin nador writes anywhere is part of my adventure to discover creativity through writing. I talk about social media, creativity, the writing journey, and occasional pop culture madness. Some of my non-writing interests include genealogy, cheesy sci-fi movies, beaches, cats, and sarcasm as an art form. I am a recovering pessimist.

Writing Process Blog Hop: My Writing Process.

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