Are You Sitting Comfortably?

Then I’ll begin.

Author reading of Chapter One of Flying Free


What’s this book about?

 Flying Free is almost a contemporary novel, set in 1997, about someone who could be your neighbour, your friend, or even you.

Jayne has been hiding from her past. If fact, she thought she’d escaped from it when she and her mother ran away to Edinburgh when Jayne was a girl. She thought the past would stay in the past, but, twenty years later, when her friend, Tom, asks her to marry him, he unwittingly opens her personal Pandora’s Box, and now she can’t seem to close the lid on all that rushes out at her, whirling her into a cycle of self-sabotage. Unable to commit to a relationship, she pushes Tom away … along with everything else that’s important in her life.

There are things Jayne had chosen to forget. There are others she can’t remember even when she tries. What she does remember is fear. Feeling emotionally trapped by her past, she finds someone she can talk to, but, since trust is one of her major issues can she let this stranger help her?

Instead of slamming the lid shut on all that has been let loose, he helps her open it wider and makes her face her fears to allow her to begin the process of healing. When she feels ready to commit, will Tom still be waiting?

She finds that, as in the fable, there is one last thing left in the Box. 

That thing is hope. 

This novel traces a woman’s struggle to become the woman she wants to be in order to marry the man she loves.



Available in Kindle and Paperback

8 thoughts on “Are You Sitting Comfortably?”

  1. What a delightful way to give a taste of your new novel to ones like myself awaiting its arrival from Amazon in paperback (not on Kindle). Your video assured us that Jayne WILL get through her pain to be able to Fly Free.
    You look so lovely with a smile reflecting your joy at releasing another product of your thoughts in written form & the time-consuming effort it takes you to tell her story, as you did so well with your earlier novels. She too ‘could be a neighbor, a friend or myself’.


  2. Well, I got very comfy, plugged in my ear phones and thoroughly enjoyed being read to. It good to hear it the way the author heard it.


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