How To Be Happy

Are you a happy person? Can anyone actually be happy all the time?

I think of myself as a happy person, but I know sometimes I can be desperately unhappy too.

When I came across this on my Facebook page, I realised there is a difference between being a happy person and knowing how to be happy, and I reckon I know how to be happy. This list sums up my philosophy so there is clearly someone out there with whom I am in sync. Now there’s a thought.

Putting these twelve things into practice works.

If you are someone who makes New Year resolutions, you could do worse than making this your list.


Express Gratitude

*When you appreciate what you have, what you have appreciates in value.

Cultivate optimism

*People who think optimistically see the world as a place packed with endless opportunities, especially in trying times 

Avoid over-thinking and social comparison

*The only person you should compare to is yourself before now.

Practise acts of kindness

*Selflessly helping someone is a super powerful way to feel good inside

Nurture social relationships

*The happiest people on the planet are the ones who have deep, meaningful relationships. 

Develop strategies for coping.

Learn to forgive

*Harbouring feelings of hatred and bitterness is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Increase flow experiences

*Flow is a state in which it feels like time stands still.

*When you are so focused on what you’re doing that you have become one with the task.

Savour life’s joys

Commit to your goals 

Practice spirituality

*Recognise life is bigger than us. 

Take care of your body

10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Yolanda Isabel Regueira Marin
    Dec 29, 2013 @ 20:47:12

    All very important words of advice … Happiness is elusive and will only come to those who have found inner peace within themselves. I know you have Christine. Long may it continue xx



  2. Teagan Kearney
    Dec 29, 2013 @ 22:04:58

    Excellent advice, Christine. Thank you for sharing.



  3. cicampbell2013
    Dec 29, 2013 @ 23:27:59

    Thank you both for reading. I was happy to share 🙂



  4. Alana Munro - The Author Who Supports
    Dec 30, 2013 @ 09:03:29

    Love this Christine, such a great way to live a life. I truly believe our thoughts have such power. Whatever we think, we become. And attitude is everything! 🙂



  5. Katie Cross
    Dec 30, 2013 @ 11:51:46

    The perfect reminder for a new year! Thanks Cic!



  6. cicampbell2013
    Dec 30, 2013 @ 14:18:48

    Thanks, Alana and Katie. Yes, we need these reminders sometimes, don’t we?



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  9. glenperk
    Jan 06, 2014 @ 23:19:15

    Wonderful advice, Christine.



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